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First of all, thank you for looking at this page, taking time to get to know our business.

Our mission

To inspire you to explore Mallorca! A mission we are committed to fulfill!

Mallorca has so much to offer, so many treasures to find, and whether you love culture, history or nature, Mallorca will give you just that. However, so many visitors of Mallorca, doesn’t know what to see, and even if they did, they wouldn’t know why they were to see it.

Our idea

The idea behind Accés Mallorca, came from Eugene Darville, founder and editor of Danish Mallorca website, Mallorca Oplevelser, who had seen a need for more well educated tour guides and knowledge available about the island.

To many people, Mallorca is a place of beautiful sandy beaches, low crystal clear waters and white painted all-inclusive hotels, framing visitor’s vacation to the very last detail. However, even though these are great things, and highly desirable amongst people from colder latitudes, such as Scandinavia, Germany and Britain, we feel that you would be missing out on something important and value-adding to your vacation on Mallorca, if you do not explore it just a little!

We have understood, after hundreds of questions asked, that it can be quite the challenge to find all the sights to see on Mallorca, and why they are interesting to visit. That’s why we made Accés Mallorca, because we want to give you access to our knowledge and access to Mallorca!

Our code

We seek to always be transparent and be in dialogue with our customers and partners. We believe in open communication, and we treasure your opinion regardless of the subject.