Places to stay and visit on Mallorca

Mallorca is a treasure of cultural heritage and stunning nature. It is no wonder that more than 12 million people come to explore this paradise island every year. Explore the beautiful island of Mallorca and all of its many charming villages and towns.

alaros many beautiful viewpoints from the castell


Alaró qualifies as one of the most historic areas on Mallorca, an absolute must-see place. So much to explore, so much to learn, so much to taste. Come access this emblematic valley called Alaró.


Land of the mills, land of rural Mallorca, land of traditions. Algaida puts “mallorquina” high on the menu and offers you 100’s of trails to follow among places of interest, beautyful scenario and architectural sights.

andratx church of santa maria fortilified constructions


For centuries, Andratx has been known as a place of great fortune. The collection of fortified architectural pearls, big manor houses and fertile soil witnesses of a place of high society. Today, Andratx is still a cultural stronghold. 

explore and see the churches and monasteries in arta


Ever since prehistoric times, Artà has been inhabited by human beings. Today, you will explore some of the most amazing architecture pearls on the entire island. Levitate yourself and climb the holy mountain overlooking the area and find your inner peace as you reminisce.

amazing sea views from the village of Banyalbufar on Mallorca


A place of freedom, a place of innocence and peace, Banyalbufar invites to become one with the nature and to find your inner peace. Visit and stay in this picturesque village on the West coast of the mountains offers sights of the gods.

visiting bunyola during your holiday in mallorca


Visit the prosperous area of Bunyola, the gate between the Tramuntana and the road to Palma. The mountain village of Bunyola offers a few but very exclusive places to stay, as well as an exclusive cultural heritage for you to indulge in.

visit and stays in campanet on majorca


Come visit this quiet but famous little village at the foothills of Tramuntana, in the northern part of Mallorca. Visiting Campanet will open your understanding of Mallorca, and especially the nature phenomenons that Campanet is world-famous for possessing.

visit the amazing church of julia in central campos, south mallorca


Combine rural countryside with crystal clear waters and then add in cultural heritage from centuries BC. Visiting and staying in Campos is becoming more popular among travelers and holidaymakers in Mallorca. Campos offers a great variety of sights making it a versatile place to visit and stay.


Village of the artists and eternal grace. Deià is world-famous for its amazing attraction force of creative souls, because of the breathtaking and picturesque views all over the area.

sights and attractions around Esporles


Unique mountain village architecture, floral scenarios, an intimate atmosphere and stunning nature sums up the main characteristics of this amazing little place called Esporles.

Felanitx is known for the famous monastery of Sant Salvador


Mallorcan legends tells that Christopher Columbus was born in Felanitx. Even if that might not be true, Felanitx and its charming harbour area of Portocolom, are obvious places to visit if gastronomy and fresh local produce is what you expect to taste on Mallorca.


Visit Fornalutx, awarded Spain’s 3rd most beautiful village. Fornalutx is located in a warm and very fertile valley, known as the ‘orange valley’. Everything in and about Fornalutx is so beautiful and authentic that it will make you think you are visiting an open-air museum.

Visit guide for Llucmajor east of Palma


Visit Llucmajor for a combination between beautiful coastlines and authentic Mallorcan culture. Llucmajor has been known as one of the major shoe production cities in Spain, and the crafting traditions has been carried on from generations.

Find and explore the mallorcan countryside in Maria de la Salut

Maria de la Salut

Take a deep breath as you inhale the fresh and peaceful countryside that fills the area of Maria de la Salut. Come stay in one of the exceptional manor houses that remains from the 1800-s that has formed this rich area.


Visit one of the most important places on Mallorca, Petra. This idyllic pastoral village, was birthplace of the most significant preacher in Mallorca’s history, father junipero Serra. Despite of its small size, describing Petra in just a few words is impossible, there is so much to see, so much to experience in this place.


Only a few places in Europe can match Pollença and the unique atmosphere of this scenic place in the Mallorcan mountains. Pollença offers serenity, charm, taste, atmosphere and much more. Pollença is one of those places you will definitely fall in love with, because the area is so versatile, but yet feels personal.


Porreres is a charming little village with a wonderful local feeling to it. Porreres is known for good food, especially apricots, which is a local delicacy. This place has a unique story attached to it, and heritage and culture is highly valued here.

Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo, or Harbour of Christ, is particular known for its amny amazing underground stalactite caves, whichg makes this place a huge tourist attraction. You can visit 4 different fascinating caves here, one more impressive that the other.

guide to your stay and visit in majorcan village puigpunyent


Stay or visit this magical mountain valley and discover the local atmosphere that only Mallorcan villages can deliver. Puigpunyent is particular popular for its beautiful nature.



Santanyí is one of the most versatile areas of all Mallorca. Whether you are intrigued by rural countryside, small pearl coves or charming village life, Santanyí is a great choice of stay.

Saint Peter is the name of the parish church of Sencelles


Come visit one of the most quiet little rural towns on Mallorca, Sencelles. This place actually consists of 4 different little hamlets, a beautiful tour on bike or by feet between the mills, chapels and prehistoric settlements out here.

important monument of mallorca is the marcus lion in sineu


Sineu is the heart of Mallorca. This place was home to the first royal castle on Mallorca and the first juristriction on the island too. Visit the market on Wednesdays to see how this village turns into a shopping mecca.

the church in soller is a architectural work of gaudis partner


Capital of the orange valley in the mountains. Sóller and Port de Sóller are always worth a visit when on Mallorca. Get yourself a glass of freshly pressed orange juice from Sóller-oranges, the best in Europe, as you stroll among the enormous old palaces in this place.

visiting the beautiful and charming village of valldemossa in the mountains on mallorca


An absolute must see place on Mallorca. Valldemossa is by far one of the most beautiful places on the island, known for its stunning views and historic buildings. Come stay for a while and follow the footprints of Chopin, Sand, Salvador and Douglas.

mallorcan village vilafranca de bonany in the countryside

Vilafranca de Bonany

Quiet little village in the pastoral countryside west of Manacor. Vilafranca is known for its cultivation of melons and almonds.


Visit Montuïri for a local feeling and versatile landscapes. The old mill district of Mountuïri is situated on a small mountain with stunning views overlooking the rural countryside.

visits palma cathedral every day

Palma de Mallorca

Visit the most epic place on Mallorca, the capital of Palma. This city offers so much to see, so much to taste and so much indulge in that you can stay here for years.

things to do and see in alcudia on mallorca when visiting

Alcúdia & Port d’Alcúdia

Visit the most popular holiday destination in Europe, Alcúdia. Come and stay for a cultural eye-opener and tasteful experience as you explore what Mallorca is really made of.