Algaida guide

Algaida is outwardly a typical Mallorcan village, with narrow streets without sidewalks, rustic houses with green shutters on the windows, and nestled in a huge bed of almond and olive plantations.

Algaida is far more than just cozy village idyll, and although the town is not at the top of tourist brochures, it is a must visit for food and culture lovers. In fact, a lot of people would say, that you have not tasted Mallorca before you have eaten in Algaida.

In addition to food, Algaida is particularly known for glasswork, its attraction for artists, and its location close to one of Mallorca’s most important monasteries, which is an important piece of the Mallorcan culture.

Restaurants and food culture in Algaida

Algaida is known and famous for its special Mallorcan cuisine, known as the ‘cocina mallorquina’. Mallorquinischen is a term from the German language that defines the particular combination of Spanish and Mallorcan food, with a dominant touch of the Mediterranean.
Typically Mallorcan food have a base of olive oil, peppers, tomatoes, squash, eggplants, garlic and lots of fish, chicken and pork. For a quick meal or snack, a burger almost seems hard to track down in Algaida, while a delicious empanada or pa amb oli, is just around the corner.

However, it is among the many restaurants in Algaida, you must find all these beautiful Mallorcan cuisine and specialties, for they serve virtually nothing else. Therefore – if you want to come back home and say that you have tasted Mallorca, you must have stopped by a restaurant in Algaida.

As the regional theme in Algaida, the range of hotels intact. Algaida Petit Hotel is probably the only – or most famous hotel in Algaida – while the rest of the accommodation options consist of delicious fincas for rent.
Here you are assured of complete peace and luxury in one of these aesthetic stone houses, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Mallorca’s Es Pla, from the terrace and pool.

Algaidas beautiful and hilly terrain makes it an ideal place, and a true pleasure, to get the legs moving. Algaida is popular with both hikers and cyclists, who are attracted by the fresh and clean air, and the marvelous lookout points on the Randa mountain nearby.

Sights to see around Algaida

It overturns far from the great castles or mention in tourist brochures Algaida. However, here is a fine collection of regional cultural monuments, that attracts the lens of every camera, and tells a little story about Mallorca. Especially the old windmills are popular among tourists in Algaida, particular the Ca’n Xina Moli, which has been transformed into an exhibition room for upcoming artists.

For an extraordinary sight, go and visit the beautiful Randa mountain, named after the small hamlet that lies by the foot of it. On this mountain, you will find nothing less than 3 sanctuaries, that has been built by monks during medieval times. On the top of the mountain, you will find one of Mallorcas most famous sanctuaries, the Santuari de Lluc, where one of Mallorcas most important missionaries, Ramon Llull, did his studies. One of the main reason for Ramon Llull’s importance is, that he was the first to ever write a book in the Catalan language.

A car (or bike) is clearly recommended, if you plan to base here in Algaida. Any vehicle will give you quick access, to all of the treasures around the island

Sights in Algaida

Moli d’En Xina

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Sights in Algaida

Stone crosses

As you stroll around the mazed town of Algaida, you'll notice the stone crosses standing on several corners. These stone crosses, used to define the town borders back in Medieval times.

Sights in Algaida


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Els Calderers

Get a unique insight in the life of the Mallorcan high society, during times when industrialization changed the rural farming communities.

Algaida, is situated just 10-15 minutes from Palma, close to the freeway.