Sineu guide

Sineu, is located in the very heart of the Mallorcan es Pla region. Sineu has great importance to the Mallorcan history, especially when referring back to the early years post the Catalan conquest of Mallorca.

Browsing through the narrow stony streets of Sineu, the stories appears in front of you manifested in the massive stone building constructions.

Sineu offers a range of authentic dining experiences. The town has a lot of the so called “cellers”, old wineries turned into bars and eateries.

Around the two main squares of Sineu, you will find a great amount of bars and cafes, ideal for some people watching. Especially on market days (Wednesdays) these bars are heavily occupied.

Agroturism is the big hit in Maria de la Salut – total relaxation in a luxury farm with its own production.

In addition to the aforementioned Roqueta manor house, you also find the more than 300 year old Deulosal watermill transformed into a wellness hotel with modern facilities.

Here you have access to the gardens where you can pick your own pebbles and tomatoes and lie on the barbecue or just enjoy them fresh from the pool by the pool.

The central location of Sineu, makes it an ideal place to put your legs to the test. Especially walking and road cycling are popular activities here in Sineu.

As earlier stated, Sineu has played an important part of the Mallorcan history. The central location of the area, gave it a strategic key role as a jurisdiction of the rural districts. Moreover, Sineu was the town where the king built his summer residence, just after the Catalan conquest of Mallorca.

Throughout town, all these stories are exhibited in the walls of the buildings and monuments.

Open your Accés Mallorca application, go to “Town & Villages” and find Sineu. Here, you can either choose to follow our planned cultural route that leads through the main urban area of Sineu, or pick your favorites from the list of all nearby sights and attractions.

The market in Sineu, is emblematic and the biggest of its kind in all of Mallorca. The market is held every Wednedsday morning from 8:00 to approximately 14:00.

The Sineu market, stretches throughtout almost every one of the narrow stony streets, with literally hundreds of stalls selling everything.

There is a great and pulsating atmosphere, and if you’re into people watching, the Sineu market is an obvious choice.

Sineu is located in the very heart of Mallorca