About Capocorp Vell

The site of Capocorp Vell, shows you the ruins of a former prehistoric village. It is situated in Llucmajor not far from the quiet beach resort of Cala Pi.

Capocorp Vell, is one of the biggest and most well preserved remains left from the talayotic period on Mallorca. These round and square shaped towers, characterized the period of which only existed on the Balearic islands!

The total site, is more than half a square kilometer. Here, you will find 3 round talayot towers, 2 square, 28 dwellings and a tumulus (burial site).

The first excavation work that was carried out on the site, was in the years between 1910 – 20, by famous Catalonian archaeologist Josep Colominas Roca, who has later had one of the constructions in here named after him.

Copocorp Vell is easily accessible from the main road and free parking is available close by.

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