Since 1491 (when it was first documented) and until 1616, the blessing of the Mallorcan agricultural fields was performed on this mountain summit, a site locally known as “Cocó del Corb” (currently next to the telecommunication installations).

This ceremony was carried out in accordance with the Jurats de la Ciutat (Sworn Oaths of the City) and the Kingdom of Mallorca with the Capítol de la Seu, on the third Easter Sunday with the aim to assure that all the fruit and vegetable crops planted in Mallorca would have a good harvest.

The Beatified Ramon Llull cave is located nearby the Sanctuary doorway. According to tradition, Ramon Llull spent his spiritual retreats in this humble cave. This is how the “Mata Escrita” (Writing Bush) legend was created, according to which the Illuminated Doctor’s philosophical system was supernaturally revealed to him by means of a bush with written characters on its leaves. Another tradition has recorded the appearance of a crucified Jesus in this site. In 1275, Ramon Llull placed an altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary in this cave which was later named Nostra Senyora de Randa (Our Lady of Randa). The cave was partially destroyed in the 18th century. A stone marker and the image of Ramon Llull were placed here in 1933, but it was savagely mutilated a few years ago.

How to get to the Cocó del Corb

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