Talayotic site of des Racons in Llubi Mallorca

About the talayotic site of Racóns

Talaiot des Racons is found on the road between Sineu and Llubí on a narrow gravel road.

The talayotic culture, was special for Majorca and Menorca, about 1000 B.C, and was characterized by the round shaped tower constructions.

Talaiot des Racons, has a well preserved entrance which leads you through the corridor, into the main chamber of this talayot. Notice, when the light strikes, how the shadows from the trees, created figures on the stone walls, amazing effect.

On the other side of the road, you can see the other part of this prehistoric village, it is not that visible because of the weed and trees covering it.

Further behind, you see the tower of the old flour mill Moli d’en Blanc, head towards it, and just before reaching it, look to your right, there’s a small path leading to more ruins of this prehistoric area.

How to get to Talaiot des Racons


Llubí is a small and charming village and area with a great location between countryside and mountains. Llubí is a predominately agricultural area with its main activities in capers and olives.

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