This amazing architectural pearl, is emblematic of the aristocratic dominance of rural Mallorca up through the Middle Ages.

The story of this estate, begins all the way back at the Catalan conquest of Mallorca, when king Jaume I (James I), gave the district to Guillem Ramon de Moncada, a nobleman who had assisted the king in the planning of the conquest.

The widow of Guillem Ramon de Moncada, then split the district in three parts, and gave each to a knight of the throne.

In 1634, Miquel Ballester Togores, count of Lloseta, built the Ayamans palace. Up through the Middle Ages, every one of his descendants has made significant changes to the palace, leaving a mark of themselves.

In 1927, the wealthy March family (Banco March) bought the property. The palace once again underwent major renovation works, this time by the architect, Gabriel Alomar.

How to get to the Palau d’Aiamans


Lloseta is a former industrial area located just west of Inca, directly on the slopes of the mountains. The area offers a rich and interesting cultural heritage that goes back as far as to the Moorish dominance of the island in the early Middle Ages. The long history of the area has left a series of landmarks and points of interest to visit when you are here, such as the Aiamans palace, the new theater, the Coco oratory and the old train station, all representing a period of the local history.

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