This beautiful building, represents the fruits of the industrialization of the region, that boomed in the late 19th century.

The structure is reminiscent of the architecture of the buildings built by the emigrants who returned from America, and hence its alternative name, “Ca s’Indiano”. In the garden in front of the building, you can see a contemplate copy of an Araucaria (only grows in Latin America), that is more than 100 years old.

How to find the Ca’n Jaumico building


Alaró is located in a beautiful green valley protected by two rocky mountaintops shaping an entrance to the area. Alaró is popular among a vast audience due to its fantastic location between mountains and infrastructure, making it easy to have any kind of vacation you could desire. There are a number of interesting points of interest to discover in Alaró, such as the rocky castle of Castell d’Alaró, the Sant Bartomeu parish church, the first electricity tower of the island, the buildings of Son Guitard, Sa Bastia, Casa de la Vila and Can Jaumico, all evidencing the rich cultural heritage that makes Alaró worth visiting.

Alaró destination guide

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