Old inn in Montuïri Can Socies de Tagamanent

Can Socies de Tagamanent was the old tavern of Montuïri, which used to be the main place for socializing for the day-laborers of the Tagamenent possession.

Can Socies de Tagamanent is easy recognized by its uneven facade. On the left side of the main entrance, the house has 3 floors, and on the right side only 2 floors.

The arched main entrance, is crowned with the coat of arms for the Socies de Tagamanent, dated in 1817.

Every year, the Easter procession of Montuïri begins here.

How to find the building

The building is situated in Carrer Major, 7, Montuïri

About Montuïri

No other municipality in Mallorca reflects more historical eras of the island than Montuïri, it is like an open air museum of cultural heritage. The municipality is located in the most mountainous area of the Pla region, the southern part, allowing you to enjoy both rural countryside charm and discover breathtaking panoramic views from the summit of the hills.

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The rural Pla region covers the center of the island and has its name from the plain landscapes that characterize it. There is a wealth of points of interest to explore and discover in the Pla region, just click on an area below to get started.

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