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Visit Casa de la Vila in Petra

Casa de la Vila, is the town’s house and open to everyone. Up through the 15th and 16th century, Casa de la Vila was the region hospital, thereof the name of the street.

Casa de la Vila, continued to serve as a hospital up until the late 18th century. In 1837, it was transformed to a cultural place, and a tower was added to the building as a symbol.

Inside the hall, you can see a gallery of illustrations and painting of all the sons of the village, among them, Junípero Serra.

How to find the Casa de la Vila in Petra


The village of Petra boasts pastoral charm like no other place in Mallorca, a place where traditions and religious culture are the protagonists. Despite of its rather modest size, Petra is home to more than a handful of attractions to visit such as the house museum of famous preacher Junipero Serra, the imposing parochial church of Saint Peter, the hilltop sanctuary of Bonany and the convent of Bernadí. In the street called “Carrer de Hospital”, you will find one of the best restaurant in the Pla region, Celler es Petra.

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