Theater and Catholic Culture Center in Sant Joan is a point of interest

Religious cultural center in Sant Joan

The catholic center of Sant Joan, was built in 1922 and financed by the Rector Francesc Mas Galmés, in order to house a social and culture centre. A large part of the building was originally a theatre and later a cinema, until it burnt down in 1978. This building, is popularly known as “Es Centro”.

The backside of the building, houses the rectory of Sant Joan. The facade is topped by a statue of father Lluís Jaume Vallespir, a son of Sant Joan and preacher who died a martyr in California in 1775. The statue was done by Tomás Vila, who was also the man behind the monument of Lluís Jaume in front of the parish church.

How to find the old Catholic culture center in Sant Joan

Sant Joan

Sant Joan is a typical rural area in the plain area of Mallorca known as “es Pla”. In Sant Joan, traditional agrarian lifestyle predominate the local atmosphere making it an authentic and tranquil place to visit and explore. There are a number of points of interest to see in Sant Joan, both inside the village but also outside, i.e. the els Calderers ethnological museum, the hilltop sanctuary of Consolació, the old Catholic culture center and the massive parish of John the Baptist.

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