Es Rentadors is an old washhouse or lavoir situated in Son Servera

A public washhouse built in 1905 by the provincial architect Juan Guasp, thanks to the collaboration of Pedro Orlandis, who donated a thousand pesetas to the town so that it could be built and provide the ideal place for the serverins and serverines (male and female inhabitants of Son Servera) to do the laundry. It is a rectangular roofed space with washing basins and limestone sinks in the middle.

It has recently been restored by the Town Council as part of Son Servera’s historical heritage.

How to find es Rentadors

Son Servera

Son Servera is one of those small sleepy villages that don’t really hear about as for destinations in Mallorca, except maybe the golfers who will give you some of the best recommendations about this place. Son Servera enjoys an eminent location close to nature, mountains, beaches, roads and, of course, some of the best golf courses on the island. This great location, means that there are a bunch of wonderful leisure activities to do, and also a nice handful of points of interest worth stopping by, for example the Església Nova (new church) and the old fortified main church. The village is sleepy yet charming, you will find a nice selection of local bars surrounding the main square where you can enjoy a relaxing local feeling.

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