In 1545, Juliá Fontiroig is born in this very house, with the mixed surname of both Font and Roig which gives Foniroig.

Juliá Fontiroig, was born into a Dominican family. Later, in her adult life, she was amongst the founders of the Dominican convent in Manacor. Her dedication and achievements to the Catholic church, has given her the status of a saint in both Manacor and Maria de la Salut.

In 1677, Finca Fontiroig belonged to Joan Fontiroig i Rierra de Conílles, officer of the Mallorcan army.

Records from 1714, documents the finca as one of the major wine cellers in this area.

After a couple of generations of descendants from the Fontiroig family, the finca was sold.

Today, this beautiful and aesthetic property is a finca hotel and you can book an authentic holiday stay here

How to find the Finca Fontiroig

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