Can Torró is officially the library of Alcúdia, but it is actually much more than that

The building itself, is very beautiful mansion dating back from early Middle Ages.

It was purchased by German Reinhard Mohn, who established Fundació Biblioteca d’Alcúdia Can Torró. Some years back, the neighbouring house of Ca’n Fondó was added as a part of the foundation.

Can Torró, aims to be more than a library, it wants to be the most innovative cultural spaces on the Balearic islands. Multimedia and interactivity, are keywords in Can Torró – it is an intellectual playground.

Many cultural arrangements, are held in here and it is not unusual to see children being here even during evening hours.

How to find Can Torro


Alcúdia is one of the most historical places in all of Mallorca, yet one of the most modern and popular destinations. Alcúdia is for everyone; romantic couples, groups, families, beach lovers, walkers, cyclists etc., it’s an area of great diversity and many offers.

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