The railway station of Muro is an exhibit of the massive trade in Mallorca

Estacio de Muro, was inaugurated for the first time in 1878, as part of the line between Inca and Sa Pobla. In 1981, the station was closed, but opened again in 2000.

In October 1876, a few weeks after planning an expansion of Mallorca’s rail network to include Sa Pobla, an unanimous City Council in Muro also wanted to become part of the expanded network. The station would be built close to Muros town center, to the delight of the many business men Muro had a reputation for attracting.

A railway station in the center of Muro, however, would require several bridges and viaducts to be constructed. This would require a massive investment that did not correspond to the actual need for a railway station in Muro, why the proposal was voted down in the first place.

However, engineers found that, if the station could be placed a piece outside the urban center of Muro, the vindication of the building was suddenly found.

On January 17, 1877, planning work began of the station building. The work continued until October 24, 1878, where Estacio de Muro was inaugurated to the delight of the inhabitants.

In 1980 the Ferrocarriles Españoles de Vía Estrecha (Spain United Narrow track), launched a plan to widen the track width from 914 mm to 1000 mm, while renovating the tracks between cities, Llubí, Muro and Sa Pobla. This work led to the closure of these stations on February 28, 1981.

In 1994, the Balearic Islands took over the administration of the entire railway system and started in 1997 an action plan to reopen the stations in Llubí, Muro and Sa Pobla.

On 27 December 2000, the Estacio de Muro could once again service the inhabitants of Muro.

How to find the railway station in Muro


Muro is a charming and diverse area found in the northern part of Mallorca. The municipality is part of the region called Pla de Mallorca, a region that is generally characterized by rural traditions and agricultural activities. However, Muro is also a coastal area with a highly developed tourism industry full of great hotels with state of the art amenities. The old town of Muro is a great place to go sightseeing, there is a number of interesting points of interests and attractions to visit which tell the story of the area. One of the best times to visit Muro’s old town, is during the fall season when some of the major traditions are celebrated such as thew autumn and pumpkin fair.

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