The rectory building in Petra

About sa Rectoria de Petra

The rectory of the pastoral village of Petra can be dated back to 1570. The building carries the name “Recoria vella”, meaning, the old rectory.

The charming sculpture inside the yard, is known as a “Pagesa/Payesa”, a typical Mallorcan uniform worn by women. The statue symbolizes a great part of the inhabitant’s self-understanding, not only in Petra, but all over Mallorca.

The most noticeable feature of this building, is the arched wall that encloses the small courtyard. These arches, was added to the property in the 20th century.

Standing in front of the main entrance of the building, look on the left facade of it. Here you will see a relief of Sant Vicenç Ferrer, a famous Valencian Priest who once preaches here, from 1413. To the left of this relief, is the coat of arms of rector Riera Font, one of the most remarkable priests from Petra.

How to find the rectory building


The village of Petra boasts pastoral charm like no other place in Mallorca, a place where traditions and religious culture are the protagonists. Despite of its rather modest size, Petra is home to more than a handful of attractions to visit such as the house museum of famous preacher Junipero Serra, the imposing parochial church of Saint Peter, the hilltop sanctuary of Bonany and the convent of Bernadí. In the street called “Carrer de Hospital”, you will find one of the best restaurant in the Pla region, Celler es Petra.

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