Arches in the facade of the rectory in Porreres

Sa Rectoria, is the rectory belonging to the parish church of Porreres. It dates back to the 18th century.

From the main facade, you can see that the height is in two floors, which is unusual for a rectory. On the ground floor is the main entrance, which passed through four steps; it has a lintel with linear lists and vertical grooves of the door frames. This doorway is displayed inside the perimeter of a semicircular doorway, which might indicate a door from before the 18th century.

In addition to the rectangular windows to the left of the door, you observe the small chapel marked with a wooden cross. On the first floor, there is a gallery with three segmental arches buttressed by two columns with entasis, insulated pillars and two pilasters embedded in the sides; in the center of the protected wall, seen a medallion with a relief of Sant Francesc.

In addition to the religious works of art, particularly important documents from the parish are stored here.

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Porreres is located in the southern part of the region called “Pla de Mallorca”, the most flat and plain region of the island. Porreres has a lot to offer to visitors; great restaurants, culture and traditions, points of interest and authentic places to stay, namely the agroturismos and fincas.

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