Son Alberti, was the very first house or farm in the local, that made the foundation of the village of Caimari

Originally, this was a small farmhouse which in historical documents is referred to as Caimaritx, which indicates a Moorish influence because of the “tx”-ending.

The name of Alberti, came when the first owner, Guillem Boba married a woman with the Alberti name, and gave the house the name in her honor.

In 1590, it was documented that the Albertí owned more than half the village of Caimari.

How to find the Son Albertí estate


Caimari is a small and sleepy village found at the feet of the Tramuntana and nestled in between thousands of hectares of olive groves, which is also the main economical activity of this area. Caimari has historical references back to the prehistory, which has left a number of marks on the local culture and landmarks evidencing the rich heritage. Caimari is beautiful, tranquil and well connected to the major areas of the island via the road network. Also, Caimari is the starting point of the old pilgrim path leading to the famous Lluc monastery in Tramuntana.

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