According to history books, it is very likely that this house has formed part of the old Moorish ‘Benibazari’, the first farm of the area.

This authentic farmhouse of stone, was renovated after the arrival of Bernat de Santa Eugenia, in the city – and formed the center of the whole urbanization of the urban area of Santa Eugènia.

Son Bosso, can be seen in Carrer Major Nos. 5 and you can hardly avoid noticing it, with its arched entryway with portcullis of wood.

How to find the Son Bosso building

Santa Eugènia

Santa Eugènia is a tranquil and beautiful place to visit and stay, and, located just 10 minutes from Palma. There is a great deal of things to do in Santa Eugènia, for example, walk on the holy hill of Seguí, visit the outdoor rocky chapel of Lourdes, enjoy the views from the old mill district, go to the Zoo, explore the streets of the village, visit the market on Tuesdays or attend one of the many annual festivities.

Visit Santa Eugènia

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