Visit the old bull-fighting arena outside Alcúdia’s old town

As strange as it may seem to a modern individual, the practice of bullfighting actually origins back to the 13th century BC. Bullfighting, was a religious sacrifice, because the bull was a synonym of fertility and power. Moreover, the bull was a highly worshiped animal especially during the Bronze Ages on the Balearic islands.

Great examples of bull worship can be found in Palma and Costitx. In Palma, the ‘Es Velar de Talapí’, a bronze sculpture, is found in the Museum of Mallorca. In Costitx, a replica of 3 bronze bullheads is displayed in the municipality museum. The 3 bullheads, was found just outside the village, in the prehistoric temple of Son Corró that you can visit just outside Costitx. The original bullheads, are kept in the Spanish national museum in Madrid because of their value.

This bullring, was originally a bastion of the massive town wall.

Several well-known bullfighters, have throughout times visited the bullring here in Alcúdia, among these was Palomo Linares, Manuel Díaz “El Cordobés” and Dávila Miura.

Today, the bullring is only in use during special celebrations in Alcúdia, on July 25 and August 15.

How to get to the bullring of Alcúdia

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