Ca s’Americà


Ca S’Americà has magnificent ‘art nouveau’ iron railings, with clear influence of Gaudí. It was built in the 1920s by Manuel Carrascosa. The ornamental style used, imitating the wavy lines of nature, makes the garden look bigger. The steps, adorned by a pretty handrail, lead to an orchard where in addition to citrus fruit trees, there is a medlar tree and a walnut tree.

The name of Ca S’Americà reminds us of one of the destinations to which many inhabitants of Sóller emigrated, commonly known on their return as “indianos”, referring to those who had resided for some time in the West Indies, i.e. in the Americas. Continue by taking the calles Moragues and Pare Baró on the left until you reach calles Batac and Bisbe Mateu Colom.


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Sóller is known as one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in the Tramuntana due to its fertile soil and location in a warm valley. For centuries, Sóller has been the main cultivator of oranges and lemons in Mallorca, which has brought great fortunes and prosperity to the area manifested in the many imposing mansions within the town border. The rich diversity in flora and fauna, cultural heritage and great location, makes Sóller the perfect destination for your vacation or a visit. Sports, sightseeing, gastronomical experiences, atmosphere, beaches and hiking are just some of the things to do in Sóller.

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