medieval chapel and hospice of Sant Jose in Sineu is a point of interest

The old Gothic hospice in Sineu, is a great sight to any architecture lover, or if you can appreciate beautiful buildings!

The hospice building, was the very first of its kind in Mallorca, and documented first time in 1294.

Casa Hospicio, was under protection of the parish, and served as a chapel for many years. Inside, there was a stunning altarpiece with the image of Saint George on his white horse. The altarpiece was made by Francesc Gomes, and later restored by Rafel Guitard in 1567, and is now kept in the Majorca Museum in Palma.

Throughout centuries, the old Gothic hospice building, was used by officials.

The old hospice, consists of two separate building constructions. The first, was the hospice (no longer in use), the second is a still functioning chapel.

The building that served as hospice, was built in 1621. The entrance door, is built in Gothic style, with a beautiful carving over it, displaying the immaculate conception, made by Sebastià Alcover.

At the corner of the property, you will see the massive entrance to the chapel. Enjoy this amazing piece of Gothic architecture, with the little bell tower on the top.

You can also enjoy the old courtyard, with its many orange trees and the little well in the middle, very idyllic!

How to get to the l’Hospitalet in Sineu


Sineu is to many inhabitants, namely the local inhabitants, the very heart of Mallorca due to the central location and the many historical monuments and buildings in the town. Sineu is perhaps most famous for its Wednesday tourist market where the narrow silent streets are turned into a commerce mecca of hundreds of thousands of people bargaining. But Sineu is actually one of the greater places to visit and go sightseeing in Mallorca, as you will find a nice handful of interesting constructions such as the Santa Maria church, the former Minims convent, the former royal palace, Gothic hospital etc., all places that tell a story from a period in the history of Sineu and the making of this town. Moreover, Sineu is a great place to discover some traditional Mallorcan cuisine as you will find a number of cellers and bars that serves delicious dishes worth traveling for. Last but not least, Sineu hosts a number of annual events and happenings where local traditions are celebrated with festivities and fairs, an excellent opportunity to feel the soul of Mallorca when it truly unfolds.

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