Church of Saint Matthew

Bunyola parish church of Sant Mateu standing in the center of the mountain village
Main facade of Bunyola's parish church of Sant Mateu

Visit the church of Bunyola and explore the treasury inside

The parish church of Bunyola, dedicated to Saint Matthews, is unavoidable when visiting Bunyola. If not entering the church, enjoy it’s beautiful exterior from one of the cafes surrounding the church.

After the Catalan conquest of Mallorca, in the years 1229-31, the parish of Bunyola was founded by dean of Terragona, Ferrer de Pallarès.

The first documentation of a church in Bunyola, dates back from 1248 by the name of Santa Maria de Bunyola. The church construction you see today, is build on foundation of two former churches, both expansions of the first modest little church from 1248.

On initiative of rector, Simó Masroig, the bell tower of the church was added in 1750, with a height of 30,5 metres. The massive transept, was finished between 1755 and 1786, and has a length of 36 metres and width of 12 metres.

The overall style of the church is Baroque basilica. The apses is characterized by the Roman vaults, while the side chapels are in Gothic style. The detailed Baroque main entrance, was made by sculptor, Andreu Carbonell, and has a motif of Saint Mateu, patron saint of Bunyola.

In the bottom of the apses, there is a beautiful wooden altarpiece, gold plated. This altarpiece, was made by sculptor, Andreu Torrens, and has an image of Virgin Mary with an apple in her hand, as a symbol of fertility.

The rectory, which is an extension of the church construction, has painted tiles, displaying an image of Jesus’ and Mary’s hearts.


Bunyola is cosy and tranquil mountain town located in a scenic and beautiful green valley in the Tramuntana mountains. Bunyola has a long history of being a prosperous area that used to belong to noble people like counts and emirs. Bunyola offers a fine selection of finca escapes situated on the green mountain slopes of the valley offering magical views and great location when you are of to your daily adventures, or just want to rest by the pool and take in the views and feel the inner peace spread throughout your body. Despite of the modest size, Bunyola is home to several places of interest. Go see one of the most stunning examples of architecture on the island, the Raixa finca, go explore the magical Alfabia gardens, or let yourself be seduced in a 1001 nights adventure at the world-famous Son Amar finca. Bunyola is located about 25 minutes from Palma by car, and is an excellent choice of holiday base for couples and friends travelling without children.

Visit Bunyola


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