church of Immaculada Conceptió in the village of Caimari

Visit the parish church of Caimari, rising at the main square

The parish church in the small olive town of Caimari, is often referred to as “new church”, because the old church is still to be found in the village.

This new church, is build in the years between 1877 and 1891, which makes it one of the youngest churches in Mallorca. The architectural style, is characterized by its simplicity and stringent design, with a touch of neoclassicism.

The church was built on top of a former monastery of Franciscan nuns, which was closed down in 1836. As many other monasteries in Spain, this old monastery suffered from “la Desamortización“, executed by prime minister Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, in order to gather funds to support queen Isabel II in the first Carlist War. The nuns never had the funds to estabilsh themselves here again, and the building was eventually bought back from the government, by the town council of Caimari, to be made into this new church.

When entering the church, notice the first chapel to the right, which is dedicated to the Madonna of Lluc. The church itself, is dedicated to the the Immaculate Conception, and in the altarpiece, there is a beautiful image of Virgin Mary.

How to get to the church of Immaculada Concepció in Caimari


Caimari is a small and sleepy village found at the feet of the Tramuntana and nestled in between thousands of hectares of olive groves, which is also the main economical activity of this area. Caimari has historical references back to the prehistory, which has left a number of marks on the local culture and landmarks evidencing the rich heritage. Caimari is beautiful, tranquil and well connected to the major areas of the island via the road network. Also, Caimari is the starting point of the old pilgrim path leading to the famous Lluc monastery in Tramuntana.

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