Parochial church of Porreres

Known as the cathedral of the rural Mallorca, the parish church of the charming rural village of Porreres in the Mallorcan countryside, and an amazing visit!

But it’s not only its massive walls and size, that gives it this title, but also because of the fascinating treasury inside of it.

The first documentation of a church in Porreres, was in 1242 and again in 1248, when mentioned in a bull by Pove Innocens IV. At the time of 1277, the church appears to have already served as a sort of parish church, because the priest, Monsignor Arnau Rossell is mentioned to have gathered people for prayers here.

The church construction you see today, was started in 1667 on behest of rector, Gaspar Llombard Jurors. The transept and lateral chapels, were finished in 1714, and again in 1797, a comprehensive stucco work was done along with renovation of the dome.

The main facade facing the village center, is quite simplistic in style, separated in four sections divided by voussoirs. The entrance, is perhaps one of the most stunning features of this construction, with its beautiful detailed doors in romantic style, and Corinthian columns. Above the entrance, notice the motif of Nostra Senyora de la Consolació, from which the church has its name.

To the right of the entrance, a memorial is sat up, to honor the bishop, Pere Joan Campins, who was the man behind a very comprehensive renovation of the sanctuary of Monti Sion, just outside town.

Inside the church, cross vaults and arches separates transept and lateral chapels. In the apses, you will find the choir which has the beautiful altarpiece made by Josep Sastre in 1762. The altarpiece, frames images of Mare de Deu de la Consolación, Sant Joan Baptista and Sant Joan Evangelista. On top is an image of Saint Peter, crowned by the crest of Porreres.

The pulpit, is decorated with heraldic and biblical motifs, and is one of the only Gothic pulpits still in use today. Beneath the pulpit, you will see 20 church benches, imported from the Basilica de Sant Francesc in central Palma, made by Macia Bonafè in 1447.

The church also exhibits a range of rare objects and treasures. Different liturgical art pieces, a casket from the 14th century and a special silver cross from the 15th century, which is considered the most well-preserved piece of Gothic jewelry in Mallorca. The Gothic silver cross, was made by Antoni Oliva in year 1400. Also, there is a detailed wooden sculpture of Virgin Mary, made by Gabriel Móger in the 16th century.

How to get to the church of Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion in Porreres


Porreres is located in the southern part of the region called “Pla de Mallorca”, the most flat and plain region of the island. Porreres has a lot to offer to visitors; great restaurants, culture and traditions, points of interest and authentic places to stay, namely the agroturismos and fincas.

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