Parish church of Alaró Sant Bartomeu

Visit or enjoy the charming little parish church of Alaró from the bars and cafes at the main square

The construction of the current building began in 1626, ending in 1785. From the Plaza de la Vila here in Alaró, we can see the main facade of the temple, flat and sparsely ornamented, according to the most usual patterns of 17th century Mallorcan religious architecture.

The interior of the temple, is a single nave, with lateral chapels between the buttresses and covered with a vault of crucifers.

A few treasures to enjoy inside, is the altarpiece of Souls of the Purgatory (located in the third chapel to the right), and of course the main altarpiece.

The original organ was made in the mid-eighteenth century by Pere Joan Bosch, but due to deterioration it had to be replaced by a newer one made by Grensik.
Every Saturday at 11:30h, you can enjoy a free and beautiful organ concert performed in these rousing surroundings.

Please visit the church everyday between 11h and 12:30h and for masses between 19:30h and 20:45h. On Saturdays and Sunday, you can visit from 9:00h to 10:45h.

How to get to the church of Alaró


Alaró is located in a beautiful green valley protected by two rocky mountaintops shaping an entrance to the area. Alaró is popular among a vast audience due to its fantastic location between mountains and infrastructure, making it easy to have any kind of vacation you could desire. There are a number of interesting points of interest to discover in Alaró, such as the rocky castle of Castell d’Alaró, the Sant Bartomeu parish church, the first electricity tower of the island, the buildings of Son Guitard, Sa Bastia, Casa de la Vila and Can Jaumico, all evidencing the rich cultural heritage that makes Alaró worth visiting.

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