Parish church of Llubí Sant Fileu

About the Sant Fileu church

We actually know very little about the parish church of Llubí situated in the heart of this sleepy village.

We know that a chapel was built here, not long after the conquest of the Catalans (1229-1231). The chapel was dedicated to Sant Feliu, patron saint and protector of Llubí, who died the martyrdom by the Romans in the year 304.

It wasn’t until the 17th century, that Llubí had grown big enough to have a real church, to service the entire village. This church was started in 1570 and finished in 1650, and again expanded in the years between 1870 and 1896.

Above the baroque main entrance of the church, notice the three crests of Catlar, Fortuny, Pont and Saforteza families, as a memory of those children of Llubí, who had the most influence.

In 1913, the church was finally rewarded as parish church to service the entire municipality. A new bell tower was built, and was given its pyramid crown.

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Llubí is a small and charming village and area with a great location between countryside and mountains. Llubí is a predominately agricultural area with its main activities in capers and olives.

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