church of sant pere in Petra

About the church of Sant Pere

The church of Saint Peter, is actually the third church construction in the village of Petra. The construction of the church was started back in 1583, when a the village saw an increasing influx of landowners, and therefore, an increased congregation. The old church, that had been here since 1248, was no longer big enough to service this many people, and the city council agreed to build this new and massive church.

The construction of this church, was so extensive that it took almost 200 years to finish, it was inaugurated in 1766. The bell tower, was constructed in 1669, and the belonging chapel of the rosary (Capella del Roser), was inaugurated in 1689.

At a glance, when looking at the church from the outside, you will notice the arched colonnade on the side. These symbolizes the seven lateral chapels on the inside. Beneath them, is the main entrance of the church, with a sculpture of Santa Pràxedis, patron saint of Petra, made by sculptor, Guillem Galmés.

Gothic styles, are dominating the outside as the inside of the church. The lateral chapels inside, is separated by ogival arches, typical from Gothic architecture. The altarpiece in the choir, is likewise made in Gothic style, and has a picture of Saint Peter in it. The altarpiece was made in 1790, and came to Petra from the Sant Domingo convent in Palma in the beginning of the 1800’s.

The octagon baptistery, was made by Joan Antic and Miquel Abraham, and was the one used to baptize the famous Junipero Serra in 1714.

In all the side chapels, you can enjoy the beautiful Gothic religious art pieces collected from the 15th century, as well as the Neo-Gothic art from the 20th century.

The church in Petra belongs to the biggest churches in Mallorca.

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The village of Petra boasts pastoral charm like no other place in Mallorca, a place where traditions and religious culture are the protagonists. Despite of its rather modest size, Petra is home to more than a handful of attractions to visit such as the house museum of famous preacher Junipero Serra, the imposing parochial church of Saint Peter, the hilltop sanctuary of Bonany and the convent of Bernadí. In the street called “Carrer de Hospital”, you will find one of the best restaurant in the Pla region, Celler es Petra.

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