Visit the fortified Santa Maria church in Andratx

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Visit the massive fortified parish church of Andratx situated in the old town

The first church of Andratx, was documented in a Bull by pove Innocents IV in 1248.
However, this church wasn’t constructed until between the fourteenth and fifteenth century. This construction is angled perpendicular to the previous temple, with the portal pointing North, without bell tower, without sacristy or lateral chapels.

In the middle of the fifteenth century, a defense tower was built next to the church, because of pirate attacks. However, it wasn’t until the late 1700’s the construction you see before you today was built. It was here, that the bell tower was added, just like the sacristy and the special chapel of blood.

How to get to the church of Santa Maria in Andratx


The area of Andratx is both diverse and versatile, and attracts a broad audience. The two main destinations in Andratx, are the old town and the lush marina area of Port d’Andratx. both with each their very own charm and appeal. The area surrounding the old town is full of scenic wildlife with direct access to many hiking routes and roads that leads further up in the Tramuntana. Port d’Andratx enjoys a romantic setting in an isolated cove at the feet of the mountain range and a more vibrant atmosphere with the bars and restaurants here. Andratx has a nice handful of points of interest to explore, as well as some art museums worth visiting if you are fond of cultural offers.

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