Private beekeeping museum in llubí Mallorca

The story of the old mill and the beekeeping museum

The windmill of Can Suau, is a disused windmill, which once produced flour. This is a great example of typical Mallorcan windmill-type, with a square base, two floors, an interior spiral staircase and front door with a semicircular arched bow.

In the facade above the door, you will find a staircase with 27 steps fitted with completely irregular stones as if they were just thrown on, this served as the access to the turbine tower.

In December 2000, the government of the Balearic islands bought the windmill from Antoni Perello, and renovated it to a house cultural activities, the tourist office and a small museum exhibiting original equipment from the local agriculture.

In general, the wind turbines in the area has great cultural significance and are included as a part of Mallorca’s heritage.

Molí de Can Suau is also home to the Museu d’Apicultura, Llubís museum of beekeeping, which displays a number of tools used through the late Middle Ages in the area.

How to get to the beekeeping museum and old mill


Llubí is a small and charming village and area with a great location between countryside and mountains. Llubí is a predominately agricultural area with its main activities in capers and olives.

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