Museum of Mallorcan folklore artist Para Ginard

The birthplace and museum of Mallorcan writer Rafel Ginard i Bauçà is one of three museums established in 2007 to spread knowledge of influential Mallorcan writers, the other two houses are those of Llorenç Villalonga (Binissalem) and Blai Bonet (Santanyí). Ginard was a priest, poet and songwriter of Mallorcan folklore, he was particularly dedicated to encouraging children through poetry. The visit will give you a unique insight in the Mallorcan folklore and culture, which is only enhanced by the authentic setting in this typical rural townhouse in Sant Joan.

How to find the museum of Para Ginard

Sant Joan

Sant Joan is a typical rural area in the plain area of Mallorca known as “es Pla”. In Sant Joan, traditional agrarian lifestyle predominate the local atmosphere making it an authentic and tranquil place to visit and explore. There are a number of points of interest to see in Sant Joan, both inside the village but also outside, i.e. the els Calderers ethnological museum, the hilltop sanctuary of Consolació, the old Catholic culture center and the massive parish of John the Baptist.

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