Olive Oil and Wine Culture Tour

Olive Oil and Wine Culture Tour

€ 89

In the Mediterranean culture, the olive tree and its products; oil, olive and wood have been our iconic and binding element for many years.

This experience will immerse us in the history, culture and production of the incomparable Mallorcan olive oil.

Our Mallorcan Oleologist will open the doors of his own house and show us the history and explain the process around Mallorcan oil, as well as offering a tasting of this precious treasure.

At the end of our visit to the Tafona, we will go to the probably best rural hotel in Mallorca to taste 3 varieties of our wines (white, rosé and red) accompanied by an exclusive Mallorcan aperitif on a wonderful terrace with views of the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This visit will not leave anyone disappointed!

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