Small Group Tapas Tasting with a Local

Small Group Tapas Tasting with a Local

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Locals know that the best nights in Palma de Mallorca are tapas nights. On this evening activity you’ll meet up with locals and head out on a foodie adventure filled with tasty tapas and perfect pinchos, along with Spanish wines and beers.
  • Experience the popular tradition of evening tapas in Mallorca de Palma
  • Taste some of the best local tapas and pinchos
  • Sip local wines and beers with new friends
  • Discover unique bars loved by locals

Mallorca’s tapas tradition started with La Crisis, Spain’s 2008 financial crisis, when many locals in Palma didn’t have much spending money and the bars were empty during the week. To boost business, the local bar owners of Palma came up with the Ruta Martiana, a concept that involved offering affordable prices and a drink with an order of tapas.

Since that time the Ruta Martiana tradition has continued on Tuesday evenings and today, you’ll find those once-empty bars filled with locals. As tapas are great every night of the week, this 2.5-hour tour extends the tradition beyond Tuesdays!

Throughout the evening on tapas nights, small neighborhood bars offer up delectable tapas and pinchos (bread with vegetables, fish, or meat on top), paired with a tasty glass of Spanish wine or ice-cold beer.

The Ruta Martiana symbolizes more than just eating and drinking, however. It is where old and new friends meet, check out the different bars and sit on lovely terraces, eating delicious local foods. It is the most beloved Spanish dinner ritual, and is a must-do on any visit to Mallorca.

Enjoy a walk with your guide along the narrow streets of the old city center to find the best tapas bars of Palma. Each bar has its own specialty and you won’t stop until you’ve tasted the best of each. Try the biggest tortilla in Mallorca, taste some authentic Spanish jamón, and savor a few divine fresh fish pinchos. The grilled lamb ribs are perfection, as well, so don’t forget those!

For each of the 5 tapas you order, you can choose a glass of local wine, cold beer or soft drink.

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