Iconic Xina mill in Algaida

One of the most well-preserved flour mills of the area is the Moli d’En Xina, situated in the northen end of Algaida, in Carrer de la Ribera.
Inside the beautiful mill, you will find a modern exhibition space.

The old mill is a place of inspiration to many artists, new and established.

How to get to the Xina mill


Algaida is a typical rural area found in the most southern part of the region called “es Pla de Mallorca”, a place where agricultural traditions are still commemorated in the local spirit. Algaida is, however, also a place of great diversity, both in its landscapes and when it comes to the things you can do here. There are a bunch of local points of interest to see such as the parish church of Sant Pere i Sant Pau, the old stone croosses in the streets, the famous Cura sanctuary, the Xina windmill and the medieval chapel of Castellitx built immediately after the Catalan conquest of the island. But there is also the famous Gordiola glass factory and the Modelmon interior design showroom. Algaida also celebrates its traditions several times a year with entertaining festivals in the town, absolutely worth attending for a cultural input.

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