Convent and Church of Santa Magdalena

rose window seen in the facade of the church and convent of santa magdalena in palma mallorca

About the Santa Magdalena convent

This Augustine convent and church of Santa Magdalena in Palma, is of high importance to the religious history of Mallorca.

It was given by the king to the nuns of ”Penance of Santa Magdalena’, who in 1533 adopted the Augustine order.

Special interest of the church

1. The tomb of Catalina Tòmas (Valldemossa 1533 – Palma 1574). The incorrupt body of Catalina Tòmas, is placed in an urn of silver and glass, which is located in the apse at the bottom of a quadrangular enclosure surrounded by eight large Corinthian columns. Catalina Tòmas, was said to have spoken to the devil, she had dedicated her life from early childhood to Christianity. When her parents died in an early age, a nobleman from the Miramar estate in Valldemossa, paid for her to receive proper religious education to be accepted to the Santa Madgalena convent here in Palma. In 1929, her tomb was canonized in 1929 be the pope.

2. Gothic art. Inside, you can enjoy the altarpiece of Santa Magdalena, attributed artists of Francesc Comes, Bishop Galiana and Joan Daurer, all well-known Gothic artists from the 14th century. In the chapter house, you can also enjoy many stunning Gothic art works.

Architecture of the church and convent

The buildings, are in Gothic style but with a Baroque outer finish from renovation works of the mid-eighteenth century.

The church was completely rebuilt in 1740, giving it its Baroque style. However, on the inside it has preserved its traditional Gothic style vaults in the nave and chapels.

On the facade of the main entrance, you will see a relief of Mary Magdalena holding a skull in her hand, over the Baroque door.


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Palma is the capital of Mallorca and seat of the Balearic government. Palma was founded during the occupation of the Roman empire, about 123 BC, and later developed by the Moors and Catalans. Palma has several times been awarded best place in the world to live; it is a city of great diversity, cultural heritage and commercial activity, making it an attractive city to a broad audience. Palma is one of the best places in Spain to go shopping, all the new arrivals from other Mediterranean capitals arrive here before other places in the world, plus, there are hundreds of local specialty boutiques.

The rich history of Palma has left an incredible amount of landmarks and points of interest to discover i.e. the Arabian baths, the cathedral, the Bellver castle, the Almudaina palace etc., as well as hundreds of other unique constructions perfect for sightseeing in the city.

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