The Monastery of Minims, also known as Can Conrado, is placed chronologically between the 17th and 20th centuries. In 1682 the Minim friars settled in Santa Maria and by 1697 they had built their church and monastery, with school and pharmacy.

In 1835 the monastery was abandoned and in 1843 it was bought by the Municipal Council. Since 1862 the Conrado family has held the Right of Patronage over the monastery.

In the Renaissance-style cloister, you will find the Conrado family coat of arms on the water tank. There is also a Gothic-style boundary cross, which came from Alaró, made between 1480 and 1520. The church is in the Baroque style.

The facade features over the portal the 19th-century Conrado family coat of arms. The altarpiece of the high altar, dedicated to Our Lady of Solitude, comes from the parish church of Sant Jaume de Palma (1891).

How to get to the monastery of Minims in Santa Maria

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