church and convent of santa anna in Muro Mallorca

The church and convent of Santa Anna de Muro can be visited on weekends during services.

On March 4, 1584, the minins-order came to Muro. Jurors allowed that the old church of Santa Anna in the outskirts of Muro could be used as a convent for the nuns.

With handouts and subsidies from the congregation and city council, the convent was inaugurated and taken into use.

The church belonging to the convent, was built between 1703 and 1730, supported by, and at the initiative of, father Poquet Miquel Porquer. Design and construction of the church was carried out by constructor, Lluc Mesquida i Florit.

The convent was completed in 1743. The church is a basilica with five aisles, note the image of Santa Barbara, built by the famous sculptor, Gaspar Oms.

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Muro is a charming and diverse area found in the northern part of Mallorca. The municipality is part of the region called Pla de Mallorca, a region that is generally characterized by rural traditions and agricultural activities. However, Muro is also a coastal area with a highly developed tourism industry full of great hotels with state of the art amenities. The old town of Muro is a great place to go sightseeing, there is a number of interesting points of interests and attractions to visit which tell the story of the area. One of the best times to visit Muro’s old town, is during the fall season when some of the major traditions are celebrated such as thew autumn and pumpkin fair.

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