old stone cross of Valella in Selva

This beautiful old stone cross, dates back from the year of 1710, which makes it Baroque.

The cross stands on a octangle base with four steps made of limestone. Notice the relief carvings in the shaft of the cross, displaying images of the town’s patron saints.

During the Middle Ages, this cross marked the village border of Selva. It also served as a point on the pilgrimage road to Mancor de la Vall and the Santa Lucia chapel.

This cross, was declared a cultural heritage in 1963.

How to get to the Valella cross


Selva is located between the slopes of the Tramuntana and the thousands of hectares of olive and almond groves that predominate these areas. The history of the village goes as far back as the Moorish dominance of the island, which has left several historical landmarks and point of interest worth visiting in the area, such as the parish of Sant Llorenc, the ruins of the chapel of Crist, the Valella cross … Selva is a popular place for active tourism, hikers and cyclists are offered optimal conditions with the superb location close to mountainous and rural landscapes.

Selva destination guide

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