Enjoy the amazing and breathtaking views over the coastline of Banyalbufar from the stone terraces called, “marjades”.

Take a good look around you, and you will surely notice that everywhere on the slopes of the mountain, stone terraces has been build into the rock surface.

These terraces, are known as Marjades, and were built by the Moors during their time here (902 -1231). These are advanced hydraulic systems, that makes good use of the water running from the mountains to the sea. The marjades are built of dry stones which makes this even more fascinating, because this technique preserves the soil.
Some of the olive and orange trees, are believed to be more than 1.000 years old.

Marjades, has become a landmark of Banyalbufar and Estellencs, because it is the only area of Mallorca where the stone terraces are so well-preserved and has such and amazing situation between the green mountains of Tramuntana and the azure horizon.

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