Plaça de sa Font de Santa Margalida is situated in the heart of Felanitx. This plaza, is named after the natural source arising under it. There is a stairway leading to the underground source, just across from the stairway of the parish church.

The source has great symbolic value, which is why it was named after Santa Magdalida, the guardian angel of Felanitx. In addition, the source is of great importance to Felanitx, as this was the city’s only real source of water in Medieval times. In fact, it is believed that the Moors also have taken advantage of this source to irrigate their crops – several theories built on top of that it was the Moors who dug the source forward.

Alongside the decline down to the spring, stands a bronze statue commemorating the Mallorcan ‘slingers’, who reportedly was the first to fight against the Romans. The statue was donated to the Felanitx municipality by local sculptor and artist, Jaume Mir in 1992.

At Plaça de sa Font de Santa Margalida, you will also find the town hall and Can Prohens – or Casa de Cultura – which is the cultural center of Felanitx, where every year a multitude of events and exhibitions.

How to get to Plaça de sa Font de Santa Margalida

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