The Roman bridge in Pollenca

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Pont Roma, is perhaps one of the most well preserved evidences of Roman dominance on Mallorca that you can explore.

Back in 123 BC, the Roman army led by consul and general, Quintus Caecilius Metellus, took over Mallorca after years of fighting the Punic Wars (264 – 146 BC).

The Romans established the town of Pollentia, which was declared capital of Mallorca. (The remains of Pollentia can be visited in Alcúdia)!

The Roman brigde here, was the only way to cross the river, which at that time was much wider.

How to get to the Pont Roma


Pollença belongs to the most charming and at the same time, vibrant towns in the Tramuntana range. The area is home to a great diversity of species, breathtaking natural areas, vantage points and historical landmarks and points of interest, all waiting to be discovered by you. Pollença is also home to a wide variety of restaurants and bars, creating a vibrant ambience in the rustic narrow streets of the old town. As a travel destination, Pollença is suited for most people, however, if you are traveling with children, the beach area of Port de Pollença is a far better choice.

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