This small sight, makes for a nice little walk in the more peaceful area of Inca.

This monument, shows a pressing of a horseshoe in the surface of a stone.

The story has it, that a group of Moors fled to the mountains during the reconquest of Majorca in 1229, and king Jaime I came to personally chase them down. During a battle, the king’s horse slipped on a wet stone, and left a mark in the surface.

The monument, is located in the park of the monks, known as “Parc de Monges”, in the northern area of Inca. It has it’s name from the nearby closed monastery of Sant Bartomeu, situated on the hill overlooking the park.

From the monastery, you walk through Inca’s old mill district, it’s quite charming.

How to get to the monument of Pota del Rei


Inca is the third largest city in Mallorca, and famous for its production of leather goods and footwear. Inca is a great shopping and dining area, there are hundreds of shops and a wide variety of great restaurants in all price ranges. Inca boasts Mallorcan cultural heritage with iots many points of interest and attractions to see, i.e. the beautiful parish church, the Dominican monastery, the museum of footwear production, the Santa Margalida hermitage etc. One of the best times to visit Inca, is on Thursdays when the weekly tourist market is held, filling up the streets with hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to bargain the best prices on clothes, leather goods, shoes etc.

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