Stone cross of Son Rafal in Llubí Mallorca

The story of the mill and stone cross

The stone cross is made in a beautiful baroque style, made of sandstone with an octagonal stem. You can still clearly see the date 1680 inscripted, which was the year of construction.

The main level is also octagonal with eight figurines of angels incised, unfortunately in bad state. The cross used to mark the village border of Llubí.

During the Middle Ages, this exact place was used for the blessing of crops and fruits. Peasants would come here to pray for a blessed harvest.

The mill of Son Rafal is still in use. Most recently, the mill was used for the production of noodles.

This little square in Llubí is a great spot for enjoying a refreshment while taking in the many impressions and feeling the history of this place tell itself.

How to get to the Son Rafal neighborhood in Llubí


Llubí is a small and charming village and area with a great location between countryside and mountains. Llubí is a predominately agricultural area with its main activities in capers and olives.

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