These are are old natural sources of Selva, which was used by the public during Medieval times.

A stone carved stairway, leads 23 steps underground to the old watermill that used to pump fresh water from the ground. Women went here to wash clothes, and get fresh water to bring home.

Inside the bunker, are two concrete basins that was build in 1837 and 1865. However, we know that the sources was used way before that, probably by pilgrims following the path going to Lluc.

How to find the water supply in Selva


Selva is located between the slopes of the Tramuntana and the thousands of hectares of olive and almond groves that predominate these areas. The history of the village goes as far back as the Moorish dominance of the island, which has left several historical landmarks and point of interest worth visiting in the area, such as the parish of Sant Llorenc, the ruins of the chapel of Crist, the Valella cross … Selva is a popular place for active tourism, hikers and cyclists are offered optimal conditions with the superb location close to mountainous and rural landscapes.

Selva destination guide

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