Water tank at Placa Major in Ariany

In the centre of Ariany you can find the old water supply system and tank

Located in the central square af Ariany, it is a 19th century construction which collected the water from the majority of the village streets. It is made of sandstone with a rectangular floor plan and a large vault roof. The troughs for cattle were conserved until the mid 20th century, and a curbstone where the water was extracted for human consumption. It has a capacity of 80,000 litre.

There is a couple of small cafés and bars in the main square next to the water tank, where you can sit and enjoy the incredible relaxing feeling of this rural village.

How to find the water tank


Ariany belong among the smaller municipalities of Mallorca, nevertheless, one of the most charming. The small and sleepy village is sitting on top of a hill overlooking the rural countryside, especially from the vantage point of Mirador de sa Creu you can enjoy excellent views over the Pla region. The village is surrounded by beautiful fields of corn poppies leaving the horizon in a scenic duvet of colors of all kinds. There is a nice handful of points of interest making it an attractive area to explore and, in the heart of the village you can enjoy a refreshment at one of the local bars.

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