Canyoning Adventure

Canyoning Adventure

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In Mallorca you will find an extensive variety of canyons, unique places, a Mallorca unknown for the vast majority of tourists, accompanied by an unequaled experience practicing this sport. It is certainly a very complete activity where you will have to walk, jump, swim etc…. There are plenty of different canyons, do you dare to test them all!


There are plenty of differents canyons, Do you dare to explore?

Na Mora – Initiation Level Easy level canyon, where you can make slides, jumps, abseiling … There are different ways to make the return. Consult when making the reservation. Level Detail – Easy level from 12 years old required how to swim Total distance – 8.2 km, Maximum unevenness -150 m, Maximum Rappel -12

L’Ofre – Advanced Level Vertical canyon of medium technical difficulty in which you can enjoy a spectacular landscape. It is born as its name, in the Puig de L’Ofre. Total distance 6.5 km, Maximum unevenness 240 m, Maximum Rappel 40 m (12+22+3+3)

Sa Fosca – Expert Level Canyon of international renown, spectacular from start to finish, very aquatic and its dark area will make you enjoy a unique experience. Total distance 6.5 km, Maximum unevenness 320 m, Maximum Rappel 18 m

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