Water Fun Excursion

Water Fun Excursion

€ 59

Spend the day searching for treasure on a multi-adventure challenge in northern Mallorca that’s suitable for all fitness levels. Start the challenge with a kayak trip to the other side of the bay. From there, work with your trained guides to trek along the coast, and swim and snorkel to look for treasure in the water. Jump off cliffs, find and enter natural caves, and look for keys to reach your treasure during the challenge. All activities are suited for different levels off fitness and skill and snacks are provided.


  • Spend a day kayaking, coastal trekking, swimming, cliff jumping, and cave exploring
  • Snorkel in clear blue wanter and hunt for treasure with a small, fun group of people
  • Use of all equipment including wetsuits, life jackets, helmets, snorkel gear, and kayaks
  • Round-trip transportation from northern Mallorca and a picnic included

The Challenge is the most exciting tour in Mallorca! Your adventure will start as soon as we pick you up in our very cool and classic series Land Rovers and transfer to a beautiful natural beach. From here we will paddle our kayaks along the coast to a stunning sea cave that is big enough to walk and swim in. Can you find the hidden key for the treasure? And then more excitement: The cliff jump! Don’t worry, this is optional but we encourage you to do it as it’s suitable for everyone and very safe. Back in the water, we will snorkel in the crystal-clear sea to find the sunken treasure. And last but not least, we return to enjoy a picnic at the beach! Are you ready for a fun adventure?

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