Walk to the watchtower of Sant Carles overlooking the bay of Port Andratx

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Visit this well preserved piece of history and enjoy the wonderful views from this old watchtower overlooking Port d’Andratx

This is one of the best preserved watchtowers, dating back from the late 14th century. It is situated on the peninsula of Sa Mola, which gives it its alternate name, Torre de sa Mola.

The tower communicated with other watchtowers strategically located on the coastlines around the island, by fire signals and flags. There was typically only one guard here, with no heavy weapons. The guards, was average working people who took shifts all day and night after they finished their normal work.

From area up here, you can enjoy the amazing views over the exclusive bay and harbour of Port d’Andratx.

How to get to the watchtower of Sant Carles in Port d’Andratx


The area of Andratx is both diverse and versatile, and attracts a broad audience. The two main destinations in Andratx, are the old town and the lush marina area of Port d’Andratx. both with each their very own charm and appeal. The area surrounding the old town is full of scenic wildlife with direct access to many hiking routes and roads that leads further up in the Tramuntana. Port d’Andratx enjoys a romantic setting in an isolated cove at the feet of the mountain range and a more vibrant atmosphere with the bars and restaurants here. Andratx has a nice handful of points of interest to explore, as well as some art museums worth visiting if you are fond of cultural offers.

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