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Come explore the cultural heritage of Binissalem and enjoy a wide spectra of exhibitions and performances

Binissalem, has a long tradition with stone works which has been one of the main sources of income for the area ever since industrialism made is entrance. To celebrate these traditions, Binissalem arranges an annual Stone & Artisan fair.

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The stone and artisan fair of Binissalem, will this year be held the weekend of May 27 and 28. 

This year, is the fourteenth edition of the Stone & Artisans fair of Binissalem and will be held in three different quarries and exhibition spaces, where you can experience the works of the most talented stone artisans of Binissalem. On the display, will be sculptures, fountains and various decorative elements made from stone. 

Also, you will be inspired by the building techniques using various sorts of stone, athus find workshops to teach and show you how to work with different kinds of stone. 

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Awaking the old traditions back to life

At the Stone & Artisan fair, you can look forward to not only a typical fair but a combination between a celebration and an open air museum. Evidence of a time long gone, has been brought to life again to let you experience firsthand how an industrial Binissalem once looked like.

Embroidery, old bikes, cars, motors and tools are exhibited around town to set the perfect scene letting you forget your tablets, smartphones and computerized everyday life. 


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Program highlights of the Stone & Artisan fair

The inauguration of the festivities, starts on Saturday afternoon in front of the church where a children’s party is held, just to lighten things up. After this, there will be a show of Kempo Shoalin Kung Fu to bring some diversity into the town. Saturday ends with a big line dancing show behind the beautiful parish church in the center of Binissalem. 

Sunday is the big day of the Stone & Artisan fair. At 14:00 hours, the big traditional lunch is held in the Graduate School (carrer de l’Escola Graduada 41), where the traditional and tpical dish “Noodle Rabbit” is served. Note that you must purchase tickets to the lunch prior to the event itself, at the town hall of Binissalem. 

On Sunday morning, you can also look forward a giant parade, carnival and batucada (samba) dancing in the streets. The grand finale of the Stone & Artisan fair, is a big traditional folk dancing performance.

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